With Diego to Buenos Aires

21 02 2010

Munich – Madrid – Buenos Aires
Remind me to unclick Iberia while searching for a flight with http://www.kayak.com (btw a perfect website for searching/booking/evaluating flights with multi-stops all over the world). Don’t misunderstand me. The staff members from Iberia are doing their job. The flight attendants are attending the flight. And that’s it. They don’t attend the passengers, or so. Asking for something extra like snacks because they only had sandwiches with jamon while you had tried to prebook vegetarian means that they have to go beyond their duty – what they don’t really like. Safety and everything else is okay but the service is average – or for a long long distance flight of 13 hours for 1100 Euros less than average. Including a not working sound system on three rows in the plane including ours.
Never mind – we made it to Buenos Aires in one piece with only half an hour delay which is not bad because we had to fly around some thunderstorms and had strong headwind.

The best thing happend at the Barajas airport of Madrid. We were waiting for the boarding when I said to Kim: Look at this guy – cool sunglasses when I thought “Mmmh, he looks quite familiar somehow” – it was Diego Maradona, the “hand of God” and soccer titan in South America – or all over the world?
He looked quite exhausted, had only one buddy with him and when people wantet do take a photo with him he just waved his hand slightly refusingly. I could not withstand to take a spy shot with the small digicam and got lucky – I mean it really looks like a spy cam shot and I swear it is Diego Maradona.
On the plane we did what everybody does – reading, napping, and planning our trip en detail. Meaning trying to figure out how many days we have to do to circumnavigations in two national parks. Because we have to fly to Caracas/Isla Margarita to start our in-between-beach-holiday before we fly back to Santiago (or Lima/Peru) which is not decided yet) on the 28.04.2010.
All the guide books say between 7 and 10 days for the circuito grande but the daily distances seem quite short. So we plan to do it a little bit faster – hopefully. Otherwise there is not enough time to climb some volcanos on the leg between Puerto Montt and Santiago. We will see. And keep you posted.