Some companies, especially MSR, were so friendly to support us with equipment at special terms. Here our first experiences with our equipment. Thanks also to Julia and Thomas (Mountain Hardwear) from eastside communications, Angela from  Deuter and Christian from adidas eyewear for their help.

MSR Asgard

MSR Asgard: We love this tent. It is not the lightest one available out there, but it is spacious (for 2 persons), easy to mount and pack and it has several clever compartments inside to organize your stuff you are alwasy looking for: headlamp, knife, sunglasses, toiletpaper etc. Luckily we had only one stormy night so far in Chalten near the FitzRoy – and the Asgard stood unimpressed even without extra lines. 5 stars of 5 stars.

Therm-A-Rest ProLite Plus

Therm-A-Rest: We tried to choose the best compromise between weight and isolation, the ProLite Plus. No worries so far. Warm enough for 0 degree C nights and very compact to store.

Platypus Softbottle

Platypus Softbottle: Clever. Very clever. You have a water bottle when you need it. When they are empty, you roll’em and save space in your crowded backpack. Weighs nothing. Perfect.

Expedition Camp Towel

MSR Camp Towel: A dream. Super lightweight and super absorbing is the Expedition Packtowel we use. You get dry after the shower in seconds and the towel itself dries in minutes. It is cosy and nice. We will never give it back.

Deuter Aircontact Pro 60+15

Deuter backpack Aircontact Pro 60+15:

Not the lightest one in its class but perfectly built for  organizing the content and it swallows a lot of stuff. We have to change between travelling by plane, bus or trekking and hiking up mountains. The aircontact pro is very stable, has a comfy padding at the hips and with the front zipper flap you take out important things like rainjackets or windjackets in seconds without the hassle of opening the top. The seperate bottom compartment is also helpful and even better are the  two side pockets to grab quickly often used parts.

Handy comes the convertible top box – you can use it as a day pack with the included extra straps.

Up to 20 kilo weight the Deuter Aircontact feels super easy to carry. And it has all the features you need for climbing mountains like daisy chain and loops for the ice axe and outer side pockets. And it easily survived a 1800 vertical meter slide down the Volcano Villarrica and several flights – not a sign of wear.

adidas Terrex Pro

adidas eyewear Terrex Pro: The perfect combination between normal sunglasses and high altitude glacier glasses. Sporty but not clumsy you canwear it anytime – also because of the optional change of lenses. With the straps and the foam padded frame to insert you don’t have to carry extra goggles for stormy mountains – of which there are enough in South America. And you feel a little bit like the Huberbuam… but that is just a side effect.

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