Reunion at Bariloche

17 03 2010

After my trip back to Germany Kim and me met again at Bariloche (a three hours flight west of Buenos Aires), known for it’s outdoor activities and skiing possibilities in the Argentinean winter.

Kim gave me a lift from the (also very small) airport of Bariloche with our new rental car – first name Chevrolet (wow), second name Corsa (ok – it was a Opel Corsa …. German readers know exactly what I am talking about).

A quick hop on the local mountain with the funny name of Cerro Otto and an antique cable car of Austrian provenience. Our local Wallberg-Bahn is a liitle younger than the Cerro Otto cableway I suppose.

View back to Lake Nahue

Austrian gondolas on the Argentinean Cerro Otto

Mountaiuns around Bariloche and lake Nahuel

Bariloche is a typical tourist mountain lake outdoor activity town with strong winds barely used for watersports on the lake Naihuel (1 windsurfer, 1 kitesurfer – could it be because of the cold water temperatures???!!!). The surrounding mountains are perfect for hiking and climbing.

But as often – not enough time. Our plan was to drive to Pucon/Chile the next day.